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Have you ever climbed Mount Rinjani? Lombok volcano or Gunung Samalas is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesian It rises to 3,726 meters, making it the second-highest volcano in Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Information

On the top of the volcano is a 6-by-8.5-kilometer caldera, which is filled partially by the crater lake known as Segara Anak or Anak Laut (Child of the Sea) due to the blue color of the water lake as Laut (Sea).

This lake is approximately 2,000 meters above sea level and estimated to be about 200 meters deep, the caldera also contains hot springs. Sasak tribe and Hindu people assume the lake and the mountain are sacred and some religion activities are occasionally done in the two areas.

Mt Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani can be submitted from Sembalun or Senaru starting point. The amazing sunrise from the peak of Rinjani as you’ve never seen from other places. You also can see Mount Agung Bali and Mount Tambora at Sumbawa Island.
Sembalun and Senaru village are two common climbing routes up the mountain, all are challenging and you need to be physically fit and have some serious hiking experience, choose from our Trekking Packages !

The Best Time to climb Rinjani mountain.

The best time trekking this mountain is during the April-November dry season. The Rinjani trek trails are generally closed during the rainy season. In recent years the early months of the ‘dry season’ have become more prone to rain and you should be prepared to encounter heavy rain and low visibility with slippery tracks underfoot at any time, particularly in the afternoon.
It gets very cold on the mountain above 2,000 m and nears freezing at the summit. Warm clothing is an absolute must.

Senaru and Sembalun village ascent Route

Serious trekkers should explore the options of staying on the mountain for 2 nights or more trekking Mt Rinjani with a planned trek that takes in the crater rim, down to the lakeshore, the absolute summit, and more.
Such hiking normally start in either Senaru or Sembalun however in the last couple of years some other routes have opened including the Benang Stokel in central Lombok, Timbanuh in East Lombok, and Torean routes

Whether you are looking for guided or self-guided, all our Rinjani Trekking Packages are run by experienced mountain guides, whose knowledge of the area will guarantee you safety as well as offer a wealth of knowledge about the flora, fauna, and history of Mt Rinjani Lombok.


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Great view, the best experience ever

I climb the mountain Rinjani in August and it was really great weather. We could see Gili Islands and island Bali from the summit. I took a 3-days tour. The guide was nice. We slept in tents with a great view of the crater Lake

Dina C

Summit Rinjani

Don’t underestimate this mt Rinjani. Please get yourself physically and mentally prepared. With the blisters, the cold chilling wind biting into my bones, tricky terrain, and lack of sleep, I nearly gave up. But nevertheless, I’m so glad I did it.


A trek full of happiness

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